Welcome to NAPABA's Directory of Asian Pacific American Partners and Senior Attorneys in Major US Law Firms (the "Partners Directory"). The Directory features detailed profiles of hundreds of experienced attorneys from across the country and overseas whose expertise covers virtually all aspects of the law. The NAPABA Partners Directory, since its first publication in 1997, is the most comprehensive resource of its kind for some of the best lawyers practicing in the best law firms in the country.

The Directory is maintained on the NAPABA website and is accessible by the public, including corporate law departments.



How to Join the Partners Network with Directory

To be included in the Directory, you must be a member of the NAPABA Partners Network. Annual dues are $250. Partners Network is available exclusively through the NAPABA Online Store.

  1. Login to NAPABA Social, here.

  2. If you have not renewed your membership for the current bar year, renew here. If you have not yet registered, register here.

  3. Purchase the Partners Network with Directory from the NAPABA Online Store.

Reasons to Join the Partners Network with Directory

  • Since its inception in 1997, the NAPABA Partners Directory has successfully generated substantial business referrals (firm-to-firm as well as from in-house counsel) for Asian-American partners and senior attorneys in firms throughout the United States and Canada.

  • A complete profile in the Partners Directory is vital to taking full advantage of the program. Your Directory listing is the first step toward unlocking the potential of our NAPABA network.

We welcome your participation in the NAPABA Partners Directory. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for eligibility and other details about the Directory.


Contact NAPABA Partners Network Chairs Joseph Centeno or Candace Kim.

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