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NAPABA Connects is an opportunity for law firm Convention sponsors at silver ($10,000) or higher level and solo and small firms ($3,000 sponsorship) to foster relationships with in-house counsel (IHC). All participants are invited to participate in exclusive touch points intended to provide Connects participants with networking opportunities in an informal social setting during Convention. Solo and small firm and gold or higher level sponsors may participate in formal one-on-one meetings to discuss potential work opportunities.

NAPABA Connects will be taking place in Austin, TX at the 2019 NAPABA Convention from Nov. 7-10. All program participants must be registered for and attending the NAPABA Convention.

Program Timeline

August 12 | IHC application deadline at 5 pm ET

August 15 | Law firm application available

September 5 | Law firm application deadline at 5 pm ET

September 16 | NAPABA staff to contact IHC with program acceptance notice

September 27 | NAPABA staff to contact IHC and firm with scheduling notice

Law Firm One-on-One Meeting Application | Application Now Closed

Only solo and small firm and gold or higher level sponsors are eligible to apply. 

Solo and small firm and gold sponsors have access to a maximum of two meetings. Platinum and higher sponsors have access to unlimited meetings. 

Not a sponsor? Click here to learn more about partnering with us!

In-House Counsel Participation and Application | Application Now Closed

NAPABA will offer participating in-house counsel a registration reimbursement in the amount of $720. Only one in-house counsel from each company may receive a registration reimbursement for conducting two one-on-one meetings and attending one touch point. Reimbursements will be disbursed after the Convention has concluded. 

Participants must have outside counsel hiring authority and will be invited to participate in the program only if they are selected by law firm participants for one-on-one meetings to be scheduled for 30 minutes each during Convention hours.

Submit a Reimbursement Request | Due Friday, Dec. 13 at 5 p.m. ET

Touch Points

The following social events will be exclusively for NAPABA Connects Program participants. In-house counsel participants are required to attend at least one event.

  • Friday VIP Sponsor Breakfast | 8-9 am

  • Saturday NAPABA Connects Reception | 5-6 pm


Contact Meetings Manager Pang Moua

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

1612 K Street NW, Ste. 510
Washington, DC 20006


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