Deadline June 28, 2019 | 5 p.m. EDT

General Information 

The NAPABA Women’s Leadership Award celebrates the accomplishments of women lawyers. It is presented to an individual who has achieved professional excellence in her field or who has demonstrated leadership and advancement of women or women’s issues. This person will also have made significant contributions to the Asian Pacific American legal community. The award winner is honored at the Women’s Leadership Breakfast at the Annual NAPABA Convention.

  • Please be advised that honorees must be:
    • Current with their NAPABA membership and
    • Present to be eligible to receive award
  • Deadline to submit nominations is June 28, 2019 at 5 p.m. EDT.

Selection Criteria

  1. Achievements, commitment, and leadership that have resulted in the:
    • Advancement of women and women’s issues;
    • Strengthening of the Asian Pacific American community;
    • Success in her chosen field(s) of endeavor; and/or
    • Furtherance of the NAPABA mission as follows:
      • We are the national voice for the Asian Pacific American legal profession.
      • We promote justice, equity and opportunity for Asian Pacific Americans.
      • We foster professional development, legal scholarship, advocacy, and community involvement. 
  2. Sustained encouragement of and support provided to other women.
  3. Prior involvement with NAPABA on a national level or at the affiliate level preferred. 
Required Materials
  1. Fully completed online nomination form (see below).
  2. Statement in support of the nominee (no more than 10 pages). The Statement should include: 
    • Details of the nominee advancing women or women’s issues or strengthening the Asian Pacific American community.
    • Details covering the nominee’s career, and particularly including the nominee’s success in her field(s) of endeavor.
    • Details of prior involvement with NAPABA on a national level or at the affiliate level, if applicable.
  3. Current CV or resume of the nominee.
  4. One or more letters of support.


Contact NAPABA Membership.

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