Elections Code of Conduct
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NAPABA is a leading, national, voluntary bar association. NAPABA’s work requires its leaders to (a) trust one another, (b) be trusted by the general NAPABA membership and the legal community at large, and (c) have cooperative relationships with one another and with the NAPABA membership. Contested elections can raise passions among candidates and supporters alike; but afterwards, it is important that all NAPABA members unite to increase NAPABA’s effectiveness and to preserve and promote the integrity of our organization.

In recognition of this goal, I pledge to abide by and also ensure that my advocates abide by the following code of conduct during my campaign:

1. Be respectful of any competing candidate(s). For example:

a. Focus on qualifications, and do not make false, misleading, or deceptive statements.

b. Do not use irrelevant facts or issues about any candidate or make inflammatory personal attacks on a candidate’s character.

c. Treat all candidates with respect and dignity.

d. Do not jeopardize another candidate’s employment or contact another candidate’s employer. 

2. Do not offer or exchange anything of value for votes.

3. Comply with NAPABA’s Nominating & Elections Rules. By way of example, campaign-related communications by non-candidates may be sent only to recipients whom the sender knows personally.

Competing candidates are encouraged to communicate with one another before the contested election begins to discuss potential ways to reduce friction during the election.

Download and sign the Code of Conduct here.

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