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Dec. 16, 2015

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NAPABA Stands Up Against Anti-Muslim Hate and Bigotry


The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) — together with 34 fellow member organizations of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans — stands with its members and in solidarity with all Arab, Muslim, Sikh, and South Asian American communities to oppose anti-Muslim hate, bigotry, and xenophobia and calls on the American people and allied groups to do the same.

Fourteen years ago, NAPABA came together with members of the Asian Pacific American (APA) community to denounce anti-Muslim hate and violence in the days following the 9/11 attacks. Sadly, a resurgence of that same kind of hate and xenophobia has prompted the APA community and NAPABA to again speak out against anti-Muslim sentiment.

In recent weeks and months, hate crimes committed against Muslim Americans and those perceived to be Muslim have increased at an alarming and unprecedented rate. Since the Paris attacks, there has been an average of two attacks against Muslims every day in the U.S.

Xenophobic and divisive rhetoric from political candidates, elected officials, and other public figures have helped to promote an environment of fear, suspicion, and hatred for Muslims in America. This fear and suspicion has led to unfounded and unfair targeting of Muslims and individuals perceived to be Muslim engaging in unthreatening behavior — such as speaking Arabic at an airport, wearing a turban to a football game, or simply having black or brown skin — which can normalize anti-Muslim violence and threats and make them more likely to occur.

Recent terror attacks — including those in Paris and San Bernadino — are no excuse for violence or prejudice against the Arab, Muslim, Sikh, and South Asian Americans, who are contributing and valuable members of NAPABA and our nation. We must refuse to be guided by stereotypes, fear, and mistrust. We must stand up against anti-Muslim hate, bigotry, and xenophobia and help make this country a better place for all of us.

For more information, the media may contact Brett Schuster, NAPABA communications manager, at 202-775-9555 or

The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) is the national association of Asian Pacific American attorneys, judges, law professors, and law students. NAPABA represents the interests of approximately 50,000 attorneys and approximately 75 national, state, and local Asian Pacific American bar associations. Its members include solo practitioners, large firm lawyers, corporate counsel, legal services and non-profit attorneys, and lawyers serving at all levels of government.

NAPABA continues to be a leader in addressing civil rights issues confronting Asian Pacific American communities. Through its national network of committees and affiliates, NAPABA provides a strong voice for increased diversity of the federal and state judiciaries, advocates for equal opportunity in the workplace, works to eliminate hate crimes and anti-immigrant sentiment, and promotes the professional development of people of color in the legal profession.

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