Nominations for 2020 are Now Closed

General Information 

The NAPABA Affiliate of the Year Award was established to recognize outstanding NAPABA affiliates for their best practices and accomplishments in their local communities. This is an opportunity to nominate your affiliate and recognize its recent achievements over the past year. 

  • Please be advised that honorees must be present to be eligible to receive award.

Required Materials  

The following information must be provided in order for the nomination to be accepted for consideration. 

  1. Include a cover letter (maximum of 2 pages) with your submission, summarizing why you believe your affiliate is most deserving of the Affiliate of the Year Award.
  2. A list of required questions to include with your nomination can be downloaded in Word or PDF. Limit your responses to each Section (Sections I-X) to a maximum of 1 page. You may write your responses directly in the Word document or in a separate document in essay, bullet-point, table/chart, graphics, or other form, so long as the responses to each complete Section fit on the front of one single page.
  3. Event photos, which may include brief captions, may be attached, but no appendices or extra attachments to the application will be allowed or considered


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