Membership FAQs
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Q: How do I become a member of NAPABA?

Join NAPABA by picking the membership category that best matches your practice here.


Q: How do I renew my membership?

Just login to your NAPABA Social Account and follow the steps here to renew your membership.


Q: I forgot my username or password. Can you help me?

Click here for help resetting your password. You can also contact the NAPABA Membership Department.


Q: I am a member of my local or other national Asian American Pacific Islander bar association. Does that automatically make me a NAPABA member?

No. NAPABA membership is separate from membership in your local other national AAPI bar association. Many of these bar associations are affiliates of NAPABA.

To become a NAPABA member, please follow the steps above. And remember, your affiliate bar leadership can give you a coupon code to receive complimentary membership.


Q: How do I use the Coupon Code? Where do I get it?

Simply enter the Coupon Code in the "Promotional Code" box and click "Apply" to apply the code. This will appear on your billing page.

If you are a member of a NAPABA affiliate bar association (opens new window), you can get a coupon for complimentary membership (excluding add-ons) from your local bar leadership.

All coupons must be applied at the time of purchase. NAPABA will not issue refunds or apply coupons later. If you have any problems, please contact NAPABA Membership and be able to provide the code.

Coupon codes will expire during the 2020 NAPABA Convention in Los Angeles. Coupon codes are issued to affiliated organizational leaders following receipt of annual organizational dues.


Q: How do I join the National Asian Pacific American Judicial Council?

Please follow the instructions to join the Judicial Council here.


Q: How do I join the NAPABA Partners Network with Directory?

Please follow the instructions to join the NAPABA Partners Network with Directory here.


Q: How do I join NAPABA Committees and Networks?

When you join NAPABA simply select the groups you wish to be a part of. When you renew, you have the option of updating your selections.

If you are already a NAPABA member, you can manage your group membership under the "Groups" tab in your account on NAPABA Social.


Q: What happened to Affiliate and Direct Membership? Did I lose my benefits?

In 2019, the NAPABA Board of Governors developed new membership categories to make it easier for you select the membership that best fits your practice. You just pick the level that fits your identity the best.

Under the streamlined membership model, you do not have worry about making the "right choice" when you sign-up. You just make one choice - that you want to be a part of a national community of Asian American and Pacific Islander attorneys, judges, and law students. All members will continue to receive all the benefits of NAPABA membership, including access to programming and the right to vote in elections (except for law students and non-attorney members).

Members of NAPABA affiliates can get complimentary membership in NAPABA by using the coupon code provided by their local bar leadership. Details are on the membership pages.

For those who like to know more details, reports on direct (dues paying) versus affiliate (using a coupon code) are collected by the system behind the scenes so users do not have to study the differences in the by-laws and make the right choice or ensure their coupon code is valid for the category they selected.


Q.  How do I ensure that I can vote in the NAPABA elections?

In order to vote, you must be licensed to practice law in the U.S. or Canada (or have previously been so licensed and now be retired) and you must have activated your membership (either by paying dues or using a coupon) on or before August 3rd at 5:00 pm. We highly recommend you sign-up before this date to ensure there are no problems with processing your membership.

Non-lawyer members are not eligible to vote or to serve as members of NAPABA’s Board of Governors or NAPABA Committees. These correspond to the  Law Student and Non-Attorney membership categories.


Q.  When does my NAPABA membership expire?

The NAPABA membership year operates on a calendar year, January 1 to December 31, and dues are not prorated. All members must renew before the beginning of each calendar year to ensure their membership status does not lapse. You may renew your membership beginning December 1 of each preceding year.


Q: What if I have problems activating my membership or have additional questions?

Contact NAPABA Membership.

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

1612 K Street NW, Ste. 510
Washington, DC 20006


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