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Candidate Statement #1

I humbly seek the office of President-Elect because I believe this is our moment and, to paraphrase Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton,” “we can’t throw away our shot.” In this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Asian and Pacific Islanders have shown a remarkable ability to respect each other and appreciate our collective responsibility to each other. The low numbers and rates of infection are not simply because of location. Rather, I believe they stem from cultures that seek harmony rather than absolutes. We can and must help our fellow lawyers and citizens understand and see the value of this perspective. It goes beyond stopping hate and being treated as an “other” and as a perpetual foreigner. It goes to the harmonizing value of singing karaoke together, breaking bread together, and listening to each other. It goes to an appreciation that the adversarial model of “one way” and “one truth” is a myth. We settle 98% of the cases filed without determining “one truth.” In trials, different trial courts and appellate courts regularly come to different “truths.” Even at the U.S. Supreme Court, we accept a “truth” pronounced by a 5-4 majority, where four justices disagree with that final “truth.” It goes to a recognition that we are all imperfect and that our march to a “more perfect union” will be imperfect but, like our karaoke singing, our imperfection does not mean we cannot find a way to smile, harmonize, and collectively move forward. I believe that we as APIs can and must “rise up” and lead.

I became NAPABA’s Pro Bono General Counsel and served for 10 years to bridge conflicts and was proud to see the respectful way in which differences were addressed and embraced. It was imperfect. But we came together for the larger good.

Consistent with the existing Strategic Plan, I want to help each and every NAPABA member hone their talents, develop strong relationships, and get the recognition they deserve for their contributions to our larger community. It is not in our nature to brag. So it falls upon NAPABA and its leaders to brag for you. To spotlight the sometimes less than glamorous things we do to “get the job done.” I will be doing everything I can to help tell and spread your stories.

The hate by some directed at our community should not deter us. We have been here before. And time and again, we have quietly and effectively overcome all of these obstacles by heeding Abraham Lincoln’s words - “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend,” Our Lobby Day, our collaboration with diverse and other community organizations, our efforts to maintain and spread contacts in government and in the private sector, our promotion of judges, our invitations to speakers, our regional conferences, our mentoring, and our in-house counsel programs and connections to outside counsel are all examples of our collective effort to make friends. This is our strength. I will be doing everything I can to provide more opportunities to connect and strengthen bonds within and outside of NAPABA through our nationwide network of friends.

I want to help educate our internal and larger community about how our self reflection, listening, and respectfulness are the very tools we all need right now in this time of change. We want to “be in the room where it happens.” We want to show how our organization of different cultures comes together as one. We want to show how our membership of Democrats and Republicans, big firms and solos, government and private sectors, in-house and outside counsel, academics and judges, coastal cities and inland towns, plaintiffs and defendants, immigrants and native born, young and old, and all the nuanced cultures of Asia and the Pacific can somehow unify with one voice. We want to show how we unite rather than divide. We want to show how we embrace and appreciate difference rather than fear it. We want to show how we stay in the present looking forward rather than wallowing in the unchangeable past. We want to tell our stories – our imperfect stories – about our imperfect past and imperfect present and how we creatively instill imperfect harmony for an imperfect future with our imperfect “friends.”

As a full-time mediator/arbitrator, I have seen first-hand how bombast, bullying, and uncompromising purity – the tools of “one way” “one truth” “my way or the highway” advocacy – are ineffective in bringing people together and moving us forward. We’ve seen it in the streets. When armed police tried to bully unarmed protesters, counter-violence erupted. By contrast, when police took off their helmets, kneeled, listened, and showed respect, they were met with an equally respectful response. We have the tools. We need to use our internal networking, education, and support to strengthen those tools and our external voice to promote, recognize, and spotlight our members as they effectively deploy those tools. As reflected in our NAPABA founding documents, we are part of an organization that took a clear- eyed look at the present and future and created an organization and representation that did not simply bow to who had more numbers but instead structured the organization for the good of all of us. In this moment, we need more who think of the larger good than those who think only of themselves. Our fellow professionals and fellow citizens need our balanced approach more than ever. If elected, I will do my best to direct NAPABA toward an appreciation of our history, our strengths, and our challenges, and will tell your stories so that you can help all of us by being “in the room where it happens”

This is our moment. “Rise up.” We’re not going to “throw away our shot.”

Candidate Statement #2

Dear NAPABA Members, 

In this special moment of racial reckoning, NAPABA needs a leader experienced in transforming conflict into unifying paths forward.    
My name is Sid Kanazawa and I was urged to run for President-Elect of NAPABA by many of my endorsers because they know I can turn danger into opportunity and enemies into friends for the benefit of our big tent of 50,000 diverse APA legal professionals.   
I am excited and aiming high. Amidst our current politics of angry shouts, APAs offer real hope for sustainable change right now. As John Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Norm Mineta, Daniel Inouye, and so many of us have recognized, minorities cannot change majorities by answering hate with hate, drawing lines between us, or yelling at those who refuse to hear. Hate breeds fear, and fear breeds fight, flight, or freeze. Entrenchment. Not change. NAPABA was formed in the aftermath of the death of Vincent Chin, murdered because his killers were angry at Japanese automakers invading Detroit. He was not Japanese. We recognized then and must recognize now that we are stronger and more powerful if we unite within and unite with others outside of NAPABA and use our smart power. Our cultural heritage of humility, empathy, and respect are the perfect vehicles for bringing people together. We, APA lawyers, must lead and change the narrative. Our country needs us now.  
This is our APA moment. Despite all the historical and current attacks on APAs as undesirable “foreigners” or “others,” COVID-19 has shown us that our bias toward a collective approach over a selfish “me first” entitlement is powerful. When the richest country in the world, with only 4% of the world’s population, has more than 25% of the COVID-19 infections and deaths and its citizens are banned from traveling to Europe and Asia, you’ve got to ask why. The answer is simple. Leadership grounded in humility, empathy, and respect – hallmarks of APA culture – is the same type of leadership taught in military academies and business schools and is being employed by the great leaders who inspire a path forward for all. This is our moment to change the narrative about who APAs are and what we contribute.   
All my life, I’ve been a leader who highlighted others, opened doors, and brought people together. I’ve done this as a teacher, state legislative staffer, local, state, and national bar leader, trial lawyer, law firm partner, industry group leader, and invited member to various exclusive national organizations.   
But I am particularly proud of bringing people together who do not agree. For NAPABA, as pro bono General Counsel for 10 years, I suggested higher planes to bring disparate views together. For JABA, in the “Comfort Women” statue controversy, I initiated a path forward that brought potentially opposing parties to join in a unified position. For the State Bar of California, I brought together divergent views to create a unified position on new proposed legislation before the California legislature. For the American Bar Association, I instituted a new rule requiring diverse voices in ABA CLE programs, something that had been talked about for more than 20 years without action.  For the American Law Institute, I helped the Reporters shape the Restatement of Torts 3d: Product Liability. With the Days of Dialogue project in Los Angeles, I’ve facilitated many difficult discussions among community groups and the police. As a writer, I’ve opened eyes to new perspectives (samples at ARC website).  As an invited speaker, I’ve opened hearts and minds to new possibilities (samples at IILP/AT&T/Dallas and NAPABA/Jen Won/John Iino/Sid Kanazawa). And now, as a mediator, I bring people together who never thought it possible.  
If elected, in addition to implementing the Strategic Plan being spearheaded by President Bonnie Wolf and President-Elect A.B. Cruz and improving upon NAPABA’s existing programs, subsidies, and tasks forces (including the Hate Crimes Task Force), here are my plans for NAPABA:   

  • In my first 90 days, I will work with NAPABA’s Regional Governors to visit virtually all 90 affiliates and national associates and hear directly from them how we can best serve each other’s needs, wants, and hopes.  I will simultaneously reach out to the new leaders of other minority and majority bars and our nation’s government leaders to expand upon and deepen the dialogue with them, finding and building upon common ground for future collaborations. 
  • To build pipelines of leadership, I will develop programs to teach how minorities change majorities and will work with our affiliates to design effective strategies for programs, publications, news releases, videos, social media, and other actions to raise the profile of our young members, ensure they take center stage, and connect them with our elders (“kupuna”) who forged earlier paths forward. 
  • To connect our members, I will propose an ambassador program to connect new members within and outside of NAPABA. 
  • To make our external voice stronger and more thoughtful, I will conduct town halls and discussions throughout the year to clarify and refine our thoughts about the divides and challenges that lie ahead for all of us, e.g., affirmative action and voter referenda, and explore the possibility of establishing think tanks to further our voice. 
  • To address the busy schedules of our affiliate leaders, I will explore an Executive Director-sharing program.   

Real sustainable change does not happen without listening, reaching out to friends and strangers, developing trust, and engaging in honest, and sometimes difficult, conversations. Real sustainable change needs a broad network of people who are engaged and feel a part of the movement. Real sustainable change needs thoughtful leadership that can lift disparate voices to new levels of common purpose inside and outside of NAPABA. That’s what I bring.

I would be honored by your vote for me and work hard to make you proud. The last day to vote is September 4, 2020 at 8:00 PM Eastern. PLEASE VOTE.   


Candidate Bio

Sid Kanazawa is a mediator/arbitrator with ARC and a prolific writer and speaker.

He was a trial lawyer at Lillick McHose; Pillsbury Winthrop; Van Etten, Suzumoto, & Becket; and McGuireWoods for 40 years, a “Southern California Super Lawyer” since 2004, a National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) instructor and program director for 30 years, and a LCA Senior Fellow in 2019.

Sid served as NAPABA’s Pro Bono General Counsel, with his firm (McGuireWoods), from 2007 to 2017 and received NAPABA’s President’s Award in 2014 for their service and establishment of two annual NAPABA Internships.

As subcommittee chair for the ABA Standing Committee on CLE, he successfully changed the ABA’s diversity and inclusion rules for all ABA CLE programs. He has also served as an Executive Board Member for JABA, PLAC, and the California State Bar Litigation Section; as Chair of the DRI Trial Tactics Committee; and as Chair of the California State Bar Committee on the Administration of Justice.

Through a petition to the California Supreme Court, and with the help of many NAPABA friends, Sid obtained posthumous admission and recognition for Sei Fujii, a lawyer/activist who could not be admitted to the bar during his lifetime but was instrumental in overturning the Alien Land Laws in California. Sid also chairs the Board of Trustees for a Japanese community center in Hawaii.

Sid is a graduate of the University of Hawaii (B.Ed.), University of Southern California (J.D.), and numerous negotiation/mediation programs. He is licensed in California and Hawaii.


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