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In April 2017, I embarked on a pilgrimage to Manzanar, California. That year marked the 75th Anniversary of the Day of Remembrance, i.e., when Executive Order 9066 was issued, which incarcerated Japanese Americans into military camps, including the one I visited in Manzanar. I was previously inspired after studying and researching under Professor Peter Irons, who worked with Dale Minami and Don Tamaki in the reopening of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case of Fred Korematsu. I spoke to camp survivors, who mentioned historical parallels with the current political discourse and government policies. They shared their struggle with cultural philosophies that were entrenched during and after incarceration, e.g., shikata ga nai, or “it can’t be helped.” Moreover, they discussed the enduring need for organizations, and attorneys specifically, to pave the way for leadership to prevent future injustice.

NAPABA must stand as a leader against hate, bigotry, and partisan divide. I stand for an organization that will uphold the country’s greatest virtues. We all feel the fault lines of a fractured country. I hear the voices of those who feel forgotten and forsaken, because of the language they speak, because of the color of their skin, because of their cultural practices. As a leader in NAPABA, I will fight for those voices.

In order for APA attorneys to become community leaders, NAPABA must support efforts and programs that allow attorneys to succeed in their practice, the dire need of which is demonstrated in “The Portrait Project: A Portrait of Asian Americans in the Law.” Lawyers of color have a very short runway to prove themselves in the early years of their career. But in the places where we seek support – local bar and community organizations – we find ourselves disconnected and marginalized. Some of us struggle looking for the pathway to become in-house counsel, while others try to avoid pitfalls in private practice only to learn the hard way without mentorship or guidance. We must do better.

I strive for a NAPABA that can support its attorneys and affiliates. That is why I am proud of my service on the task force for NAPABA’s new Leadership Advancement Program – a year-long program to develop mid-career APA attorneys’ leadership skills, especially between in-house counsel and law firm attorneys. I am also proud of my service as Co-Chair for NAPABA’s Regional Conference Committee, where I have fought for more resources to help regional affiliates to host the conference, as well as diversity and inclusion in the programming.

If chosen to serve, I would work to expand opportunities for APA professionals that have not been historically represented in NAPABA leadership to contribute their talents and insights. I would work to extend the pipeline of leadership to NAPABA, such as expanding the Board member and committee positions available. Most of all, I would like to ensure NAPABA does a better job with its APA allies – those who have yet to become engaged – and inspire them to become part of that change that we make happen together.

For NAPABA to maintain its voice in the community, we must tackle the important issue of NAPABA’s viability. The organization has made great strides towards expanding its annual convention programming and production. There remains room for improvement in many areas: transparency, diverse programming, and inclusion of all professionals, including government and public sector attorneys. We are not doing enough. We need to prepare and implement a plan with the support of NAPABA’s affiliates and stakeholders. With your support, I would like to continue my service on the NAPABA Board to create and implement a new multi-year Strategic Plan for the organization. It should focus on creating a sound financial design that would raise revenue through increased sponsorship opportunities, a reformulation of NAPABA membership and affiliate dues, and implementation of smarter NAPABA spending.

Last year, I pledged that my candidacy was about becoming part of the change that expands the pipelines for leadership for APA attorneys to succeed in their professions, organizations, and industries. This year, I pledge to continue to break down the barriers that inhibit progress within NAPABA and to do so with purpose and precision – by convening a long overdue task force to re-evaluate NAPABA’s outdated Strategic Plan. Moreover, my candidacy is about empowering those whose voices must be heard for positive change to happen in NAPABA.

Candidate Bio

Jeffrey Javinar has practiced before state, federal, administrative, and private tribunals. His career has spanned both criminal and civil and includes both advisory work and complex litigation. Mr. Javinar currently serves as an employment prosecutor at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in Sacramento, California. There, he investigates and prosecutes matters on behalf of the department regarding disciplinary actions against state employees who commit misconduct. He previously served as a Hearing Officer and Administrative Law Judge Pro Tem at the California State Personnel Board, and as Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. Before that, he was an associate with Littler Mendelson, P.C. He also worked as a criminal prosecutor with the Sacramento County Office of the District Attorney.

Mr. Javinar has been very active in the APA community. From 2010-2016, he served on the board for the Asian/Pacific Bar Association of Sacramento. More recently, Mr. Javinar has been the driving force in establishing the new Filipino American bar organization for the Sacramento area: Sacramento Filipino American Lawyers Association. He also assisted in forming the new California Asian Pacific American Bar Association, where he serves as Secretary. From 2015-2017, Mr. Javinar served as a NAPABA Regional Governor. In that capacity, he helped expand NAPABA programming, participated in NAPABA’s Lobby Day, and served on various NAPABA award and service committees. Currently, Mr. Javinar serves as a Co-Chair to the NAPABA Regional Conference Committee. A more complete bio is available here:


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