NAPABA Call for Nominations | Vice President for Finance and Development

 Deadline | Oct. 22 at 5pm ET/2pm PT - Now Closed

The NAPABA Nominating and Elections Committee is accepting nominations for election as the Vice President for Finance and Development of the NAPABA Board of Governors for the 2018-19 term.

To view the 2017-18 Board of Governors, please click here

To view the NAPABA Nominations & Elections Rules, please click here*Updated as of 7/9/2018 with current version passed on Feb. 3, 2018.

Candidates are expected to sign and abide by the Code of Conduct, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Officer Position Subject to Election

Vice President for Finance and Development

The Vice President for Finance and Development will be responsible, under the direction of the Board, for considering the financial resources of NAPABA, making recommendations to the Board, and seeking corporate and other institutional funds. The Vice President for Finance and Development also will perform such duties as from time to time may be assigned to him/her by the President or the Board.

The Vice President for Finance and Development also chairs the Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee, coordinates all fundraising activities, prepares and implements NAPABA's financial strategic plan, sits on the Board of the NLF, and serves as Executive Committee liaison to designated NAPABA Committees and Regional Governors.

For a more complete description of the duties, please refer to the NAPABA Bylaws.

Board Meetings

As a NAPABA officer, you will be expected to attend all NAPABA Board of Governors meetings during the year. The tentative Board meeting schedule for next year is as follows:


Coincides with:

November 7, 2018 (Chicago, IL)

2018 NAPABA Convention

January 26, 2019 (Las Vegas, NV)

ABA Midyear Meeting

May 2019 (Washington, DC)

APA Heritage Month / NAPABA Lobby Day &
Congressional Reception

August 10, 2019 (San Francisco, CA)

ABA Annual Meeting

Additional duties are set forth in the Board of Governors Duties & Expectationswhich must be signed by all Board members.

Candidate Qualifications and Nomination Requirements

The qualifications for NAPABA office are listed in the NAPABA Nominating and Election Rules (*Updated as of 7/9/2018 with current version passed on Feb. 3, 2018.), an excerpt of which can also be found below as Exhibit A. In order to be nominated as a candidate for a NAPABA officer position, candidates are required to complete and submit the following forms and documents on or before Oct. 22 at 5pm ET/2pm PT. Submit a nomination here.

Required Materials:

1. NAPABA Nomination Petition (Download PDF)

2. NAPABA Nomination Petition - Signature Page (Download PDF)

3. Personal Statement

Each candidate shall submit a personal statement that will be published in the election issue of the NAPABA newsletter, which shall be mailed to the entire NAPABA membership. Statements from candidates for the position of President-Elect shall not exceed 1,000 words; statements from all other candidates shall not exceed 750 words. Candidates may submit the statement in narrative form but are requested to respond to the following questions within the statement:

  • With respect to the position you are seeking, what goals do you have for NAPABA , and how do they align with or diverge from NAPABA's most recent strategic plan?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities you see facing NAPABA in the coming year?

  • How do you anticipate accomplishing your goals?

  • What particular training or experience do you bring that would make you a strong NAPABA officer?

Candidates may obtain a copy of the current NAPABA Strategic Plan by contacting NAPABA Executive Director Tina Matsuoka at 202-775-9555.

Submissions (personal statements and biographies) that exceed the word count may be published only in part and the excess words may be eliminated without additional editing. 

Optional Materials:

1. Photograph

Each candidate may submit a photo (high resolution digital image that is at least 300 dpi) to be included in the elections issue of the NAPABA newsletter.

2. Biography

Each candidate may submit a short biography (maximum 250 words) to be included in the elections issue of the NAPABA newsletter. 

Late submissions will not be accepted.

EXHIBIT A: Excerpt from Nominating & Elections Rules

Qualifications for Candidates for NAPABA Office.   NAPABA seeks outstanding individuals of high integrity with proven leadership skills.  The following criteria must be met by a candidate in order to run for a NAPABA office, and the Committee is responsible for determining whether a particular candidate meets these qualifications:

1. Leadership.  Candidates must have demonstrated proven leadership skills in their work for NAPABA, local NAPABA affiliates or in their other professional activities.  Such leadership may be demonstrated in connection with serving as an officer for a NAPABA affiliate, and, in the case of a candidate for President-Elect, serving as the president of a NAPABA affiliate. 

2. CommitmentCandidates must have demonstrated a proven commitment to the work of NAPABA.  Such commitment may be demonstrated by prior service on the NAPABA Board or on a NAPABA committee or by otherwise serving the national body or a NAPABA affiliate.

3. Personal Integrity and TrustCandidates must have demonstrated in all of their professional and personal activities the highest standards of personal integrity and trust.

4. Public Relations Skills.  A key objective of NAPABA is to advocate for and promote interests of Asian Pacific American lawyers nationwide.  Accordingly, all candidates for officer positions must have demonstrated outstanding public speaking, advocacy and public relations skills.

5. Prior Board or Committee Service. A candidate for President-Elect must first serve on the NAPABA Board for at least two full years as of the time his/her term as President-Elect would begin, where one of those two full years is as an Officer on the Executive Committee.  A candidate for a vice presidential position must first serve at least one year on the NAPABA Board or as the chair of a NAPABA committee. But in exceptional circumstances, the Committee may deem a candidate eligible to run for President-Elect or a vice presidential position even where the candidate does not satisfy this prior service requirement when the candidate’s other strengths and experiences (whether or not enumerated herein) overcome any perceived deficiency that may exist due to the candidate’s lack of prior NAPABA Board or committee experience.

Submit a Nomination - Now Closed

Submission Confirmation
Please note once you have submitted a nomination a confirmation page will appear with the message below. You will also have the option to print or save your submission as a PDF file.

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