2020-21 At-Large Board Member Application

At-Large Board Member Application

Deadline July 13 at 5 p.m. EDT


NAPABA desires to have diverse and inclusive representation on the Board of Governors, to increase the pipeline of candidates to the Board, and to maintain the Board’s institutional knowledge and experience.

Term and Number of Positions

At-Large Board Members shall serve two-year, staggered terms. No more than two (2) of the At-Large Board Members at any given time may be from the same geographical region as defined in Article V, Section 13 of the NAPABA Bylaws as amended and adopted on June 3, 2020. Generally, At-Large Board Members will not be re-appointed, although they are eligible to be elected or appointed Regional Governors or Officers of NAPABA.


Any member in good standing as defined in Article III of the NAPABA Bylaws is eligible to become an At-Large Board Member.

Required: Each At-Large Board Member candidate must be a current Individual Member or current member of a NAPABA Affiliate as of the date that the candidate's application is submitted to NAPABA. Join or Renew Your NAPABA Membership

Current NAPABA Board Members are discouraged from applying.


The following criteria may be used in the evaluation and appointment of At-Large Board Members:

  1. Geographic, gender, ethnic, and practice composition of the incoming Board, as well as the employment categories of the incoming Board (e.g., in-house, private practice, government, public interest, academia)

  2. Leadership qualifications of the candidate

  3. The candidate’s level of activity and experience within NAPABA and/or within NAPABA affiliates

  4. Former Officers and Board members possessing significant institutional and historic knowledge and experience that would assist the incoming Board, if needed in the near future; and/or

  5. Other appropriate experience with non-profit, Asian Pacific American, legal, and/or other similar organizations.

Application Requirements

Applications are due no later than 5 p.m. EDT on Monday, July 13

The following are application requirements:

  1. Resume.

  2. Letters of Recommendations. No more than 2 letters of recommendation, which are optional and which cannot be from a member of the Nominating & Elections Committee ("Nom. Comm.") or the Board

  3. Personal Statement. (300 word limit per answer to each question)

    1. Why do you want to serve as an At-Large Board Member?

    2. What has your involvement been with NAPABA and any NAPABA Affiliate? Please also provide the following information. (This information does not count toward the word limit.)

      1. A list of leadership positions held within NAPABA.

      2. A list of leadership positions held within a NAPABA Affiliate and the name of the NAPABA Affiliate.

      3. The number of NAPABA Conventions attended, and the year(s) of such attendance.

      4. The number of NAPABA Regional Conferences attended, and the year(s) of such attendance.

      5. The number of NAPABA Lobby Days attended, and the year(s) of such attendance.

    3. What has your involvement been with Asian Pacific American community organizations or legal-related organizations, other than NAPABA? Please include a list of any leadership positions held within such organizations.

    4. What NAPABA issues/programs are you most interested in?

  4. Supplemental Statement. An optional, supplemental statement of interest addressing any other topics (300 word limit).

  5. Code of Conduct. Candidates are required to review and sign. (Download PDF)

The Nom. Comm. may conduct interviews of some or all of the candidates, who will each be allowed not more than 15 minutes to present his or her qualifications.

The Nom. Comm. will recommend up to three candidates for each of the two At-Large Board Member positions available for the 2020-21 bar year.

Candidates will be notified as soon as possible after selection and no later than Friday, October 4.

Submit a Nomination 

After you have successfully submitted a nomination, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. This is the only confirmation you will receive. Please save this for your records.

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