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Candidate Statement

My candidacy is about becoming part of the change that expands the pipelines for leadership for APA attorneys to succeed in their professions, organizations, and industries. My candidacy is about breaking down the barriers that inhibit progress within NAPABA, and doing so by first addressing the solvency of the organization itself. Moreover, my candidacy is about empowering the affiliates and members who have been sidelined in the margins, or whose voices must be heard for positive change to happen in NAPABA.

While serving as a NAPABA Regional Governor, I have been concerned about the professional growth of minority attorneys and NAPABA’s service to the various affiliates. As demonstrated by “The Portrait Project: A Portrait of Asian Americans in the Law,” many areas in the legal profession need drastic improvement to assist APA legal professionals. Lawyers of color have a very short runway to prove themselves in the early years of their career. I have spoken to attorneys who feel marginalized, even amongst their local bar and community organizations. I believe there are solutions available that will enhance NAPABA’s ability to support its attorneys and affiliates through shared resources.

If chosen to serve, I would work to expand opportunities for APA professionals that have not been historically represented in NAPABA leadership to contribute their talents and insights. I would work to extend the pipeline of leadership to NAPABA, such as expanding the Board member and committee positions available. Most of all, I would like to ensure NAPABA does a better job with its APA allies – those who have yet to become engaged – and inspire them to become part of that change that we make happen together.

But in order for NAPABA to maintain its voice in the community, we must tackle the important issue of NAPABA’s financial stability. While the organization has expanded its annual convention, regional conferences, and programming, it has done so without a sustainable path towards solvency. We are not doing enough. We need to prepare and implement a plan with the support of NAPABA’s affiliates and stakeholders. As Secretary, I seek to work with the Board to implement a multi-year financial strategic plan that would raise revenue through increased sponsorship opportunities, a reformulation of NAPABA membership and affiliate dues, and implementation of smarter NAPABA spending.

Finally, NAPABA must stand as a leader against hate, bigotry, and partisan divide. I stand for an organization that will uphold the country's greatest virtues. We all feel the fault lines of a fractured country. I hear the voices of those who feel forgotten and forsaken, because of the language they speak, because of the color of their skin, because of their cultural practices. As a leader in NAPABA, I will fight for those voices.

Additionally, my personal background provides diversity to the Board. As a second generation Filipino and first in my family to enter the legal profession, I share in the difficult journey that one faces entering a profession that could benefit from a more expansive pipeline and a larger network of resources. I was raised in a Navy family, where my childhood was spent immersed in various locales and cultures, which included areas such as Indiana, Washington, California, and the Philippines. While living in the Philippines, I personally experienced the plight of a refugee when my family evacuated our house as Mount Pinatubo erupted in June 1991. Although my past experiences are filled with unblazed paths and adversity, I have developed the intense will to persevere and the passion to help others overcome obstacles.

My professional background also provides diversity to the Board. I would be one of the youngest serving NAPABA Board members, both in age and in years in practice. Also, I would be one of the few government in-house attorneys on the Board – my practice engages in both litigation and transactional work. I would be the only Board member who practices in the Eastern California region. My practice covers a unique area of law (administrative and prison/incarceration law), where my practice directly impacts minorities who are overrepresented in the correctional facilities as inmates and youth, as well as custodial staff. In short, my background helps diversify the NAPABA Board, provide a depth of experience that informs future Board action, and amplifies the voice of the multitudes of APA attorneys who share in my background and experience.

Candidate Bio

Jeffrey Javinar has practiced before state, federal, administrative, and private tribunals. His career has spanned both criminal and civil and includes both advisory work and complex litigation. Mr. Javinar currently serves as an employment prosecutor at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in Sacramento, California. There, he investigates and prosecutes matters on behalf of the department regarding disciplinary actions against state employees who commit misconduct. He previously served as a Hearing Officer and Administrative Law Judge Pro Tem at the California State Personnel Board, and as Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. Before that, he was an associate with Littler Mendelson, P.C. He also worked as a criminal prosecutor with the Sacramento County Office of the District Attorney.

Mr. Javinar has been very active in the APA community. From 2010-2016, he served on the board for the Asian/Pacific Bar Association of Sacramento. More recently, Mr. Javinar has been the driving force in establishing the new Filipino American bar organization for the Sacramento area: Sacramento Filipino American Lawyers Association. He also assisted in forming the new California Asian Pacific American Bar Association, where he serves as Secretary. From 2015-2017, Mr. Javinar served as a NAPABA Regional Governor. In that capacity, he helped expand NAPABA programming, participated in NAPABA’s Lobby Day, and served on various NAPABA award and service committees. Currently, Mr. Javinar serves as a Co-Chair to the NAPABA Regional Conference Committee. A more complete bio is available here: 


NAPABA Affiliate Endorsements

Affiliate Name 
Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area
Filipino Bar Association of Northern California 
Asian American Bar Association of Chicago 
Korean American Bar Association of San Diego 
National Asian Pacific Islander Prosecutors Association (NAPIPA) 
Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania 
Korean American Lawyers Association of Greater New York (KALAGNY) 
Filipino American Lawyers Association of Chicago (FALA Chicago) 
Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego 
Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego 
Charlotte Asian Pacific American Bar Association (CAPABA) 
Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association 
Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Silicon Valley 
Vietnamese American Bar Association of Northern California 
Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Solano County
Philippine American Bar Association 
Filipino American Lawyers Association of New York 
Asian/Pacific Bar Association of Sacramento 
National Filipino American Lawyers Association 
Asian American Bar Association of New York 


Individual Endorsements

Name Company*
Courtney Fong CompTIA 
Emilia Castillo  Castillo Law Offices
Lisa Dickinson  Dickinson Law Firm PLLC 
Sidney Kanazawa  McGuireWoods LLP 
Bonnie Youn  The RMN Agency 
Dale Minami  Minami Tamaki LLP 
Sun Choi  DC Metro Law, LLC 
Philip Nulud  Buchalter, A Professional Corporation 
Jae Pak   Microsoft Corporation 
Laurie Rose Lubiano The Climate Corporation
Radhika Lohia Asian American Bar Association of Chicago
James Pham  Intelecis, Inc. 
Jack Chan  Law Office of Jack Chan LLC 
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Alen Hsu  Blank Rome LLP 
Dainen Penta  Leahy Fjelstad Peryea 
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Melvin N.A. Avanzado  The Avanzado Law Firm, APLC 
Yoshinori Himel Law Office of Yoshinori Himel 
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Greg Schwartz  Billion & Armitage 
Cherish Dela Cruz  De la Cruz Law, LLC 

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