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Call for Programs Now Closed

Program Submissions Due March 25, 2019 at 5 p.m. ET


Program Submissions Due - March 25, 2019 at 5 p.m. ET

Notifications to primary contacts - May 30, 2019

CLE Written Materials and Speaker Release Forms - August 30, 2019 at 5 p.m. ET


NAPABA is seeking program submissions on a wide range of substantive legal matters and topics of concern to the legal community to deepen our members' knowledge and skills, and provide them with opportunities to forge bonds through panel discussions, workshops, and interactive presentations for the 2019 NAPABA Convention.

We strive to represent a broad range of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds in our CLE programming and we are mindful of the feedback we have received from past attendees, such as requests to include more programs about public interest and non-traditional lawyering. We are committed to inclusivity and innovation but we need your help to expand the scope of submissions to include all of the topics that are of interest to our membership.

• Do you want more skills training focused on non-profit, government, and public interest lawyers? Develop a program and urge your friends to do the same!

• Are you interested in integrating mental health and wellness concepts into your law practice? Talk to your mentors and colleagues who are more focused on these issues and encourage them to put together a CLE submission!

• Do you reject the traditional lawyering paradigm and want to proselytize about alternative career paths and other models of success? Share your program ideas with us!

Before submitting a program submission, please take the time to thoroughly develop your program. Stronger, more detailed and specific submissions will be evaluated more favorably than weak or less thought out submissions.

Please review the 2019 Submission Policies and Guidelines for details on our selection criteria. Failure to comply with our policies and guidelines may result in the rejection of your submission.

By submitting a program submission, you and your panelists agree to adhere to all submission policies and guidelines set forth by NAPABA.

Step 1: Review Submission Policies and Guidelines and Other Resources

Step 2: View Webinar | Insider Tips from the CLE Committee

The CLE Committee hosted a webinar on Feb. 19 to share their tips on how to craft your submission to increase the likelihood of getting accepted.

Step 3: Understanding the Differences Between General Convention Programming and Specialty Programming

All submissions must identify whether the program should be considered for general CLE programming or one of the specialty programming sessions. Submissions will only be considered for one option. 

What is general CLE programming? 
NAPABA's general CLE tracks are offered on Friday and Saturday during Convention and cover a wide range of substantive legal topics and issues of concern to the legal community and Asian Pacific American advocates. These Friday and Saturday programs constitute the core of NAPABA's convention programming. Although dependent of the number of submissions, acceptance for one of the general CLE programming slots is usually more competitive than for the specialty programming slots. 

What is specialty programming? 
NAPABA also offers programs in specialty programming that take place on the day before general CLE sessions on the Thursday of Convention. Special workshops and programs are held by our Committees and Networks to provide lawyers with the deep-dive skills and knowledge to excel in their practices and careers. This series of workshops and programs is designed to provide experiential learning opportunities in an immersive and interactive environment. The specialty programming allows participants to delve more deeply into issues with experts in the field, beyond what may be possible during a general CLE session. This year's specialty programming tracks, which are held concurrently, include: 

  • International Law Symposium - seeking submissions through the Call for Programs
    For the past ten years, the International Law Committee has presented an annual International Law Symposium at the NAPABA Convention. The Symposium begins with a luncheon followed by CLE sessions on a range of public and private international law topics. In past years, CLE sessions have focused on cutting-edge areas of international law including intellectual property, national security and dispute resolution. Previous luncheon speakers have included diplomats, federal judges, international business leaders and prominent authors. If you have suggestions regarding potential topics or speakers for this year's luncheon, please contact Christine Han.
  • Solo & Small Firm Boot Camp - seeking submissions through the Call for Programs
    The Solo & Small Firm Boot Camp provides programming that is specifically tailored to the needs of solo and small firm practitioners, as well as those interested in starting a solo or small firm practice. Programming is tailored each year to the needs and interest of our membership. In past years, the Solo & Small Firm Boot Camp included CLE sessions on a variety of soft skills and substantive topics including business development, law office management/expansion, presentation skills and strategy, a multidisciplinary approach to advising entrepreneurs, and employment law.
  • Women's Leadership Workshop - not seeking submissions
    The Women’s Leadership Network hosts a workshop each year at the annual NAPABA Convention focused on issues specific to advancing the careers of APA women attorneys at all stages of their careers. The workshop is typically held on the day before full convention programming begins, and focuses on topics such as leadership, soft skills, career advancement/business development, and addressing cultural barriers or other such issues which may be impacting APA women in their legal careers. The content is delivered through a mix of a luncheon keynote, panel discussions, and interactive skills seminars. The workshop concludes with networking opportunities at a cocktail reception at which further connections can be made.

Step 4: Submit a Program Submission

Please make sure that you have followed steps 1-3 before submitting your program. Late submissions will not be accepted. No exceptions shall be made. Thank you for your participation! Your submissions allow us to offer our members cutting-edge legal education and networking opportunities.


Speaker Database

Interested in speaking at the NAPABA Convention without submitting an entire program submission? Join our speaker database! Should an opening need to be filled in the Convention program, you may be contacted by NAPABA staff. Submit an application here.

Programs seeking additional panelists may contact

NOTE: Panelists may not serve on more than one panel. NAPABA may exercise discretion to add, remove, or substitute panelists.


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