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2017-18 At-Large Board Member Candidates

Deadline is August 4 by 8 p.m. EDT
Now Closed

In recognition of the growth of Asian Pacific American attorneys around North America and the desire to have diverse and inclusive representation on the NAPABA Board of Governors (the “Board”), as well as to maintain the Board’s institutional knowledge and experience, the Board, with the recommendations of NAPABA’s Nominations and Elections Committee (the “Nom. Comm.”), appoints two (2) At-Large Board Members each year. 

Each of the four (4) At-Large Board Members serves on the Board for a two-year, staggered term. No more than two (2) of the At-Large Board Members at any given time may be from the same geographical region as defined in Article V, Section 12 of the  NAPABA By-Laws. Generally, At-Large Board Members will not be re-appointed, although they are eligible to be elected or appointed Regional Governors or Officers of NAPABA.


Any member in good standing as defined in Article III of the NAPABA By-Laws is eligible to become an At-Large Board Member.


In determining which candidates are selected as At-Large Board Members, the following criteria may be considered in order to achieve broad diversity within the Board:

1. Geographic, gender, ethnic, and practice composition of the incoming Board, as well as the employment categories of the incoming Board (e.g., in-house, private practice, government, public interest, academia);

2. Leadership qualifications of the candidate;

3. The candidate’s level of activity and experience within NAPABA and/or within NAPABA affiliates;

4. Former Officers and Board members possessing significant institutional and historic knowledge and experience that would assist the incoming Board, if needed in the near future; and/or

5. Other appropriate experience with non-profit, Asian Pacific American, legal, and/or other similar organizations.


Applications are due no later than 8 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 4. Applications must be submitted using the online form below and consist of a statement of interest and demographic survey. 

The Nom. Comm. may conduct interviews of some or all of the candidates, who will each be allowed not more than 10 minutes to present his or her qualifications. Interviews will be scheduled beginning the week of September 11, 2017.

The Nom. Comm. will recommend up to three candidates for each of the two At-Large Board Member positions available for the 2017-18 bar year.

The Board may request additional interviews with the candidates if it so chooses. Such interviews will be scheduled as soon as is practicable after the Nom. Comm.'s recommendations are submitted.

Candidates will be notified as soon as possible after selection and no later than Friday, September 29.

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