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I humbly offer myself to become your next NAPABA President-Elect. I am running because I want NAPABA to do more to help its affiliates and members develop professionally and personally.

In short, I want to make NAPABA – "Your NAPABA."


My experience as a leader and consensus builder has further prepared me for President-Elect.  I currently serve NAPABA as an At-large member of the Board of Directors of NAPABA, as Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee, and as a member of the Regional Conference committee.  I was the sole Chair of the Host Committee for the 2011 National Convention in Atlanta which was one of the most successful conventions in fundraising and experience.  I have also received the honor of being a Trailblazer from NAPABA.

Also, I am currently the Office Managing Partner of the Atlanta office of Ballard Spahr, LLP, one of the few APA's in that role across the country.  Not only do I help my clients in the area of finance, I serve the lawyers and staff of the Atlanta office and the firm so that they can achieve their professional and personal goals.  My vision of the Office Managing Partner is not to dictate to others but to collaborate with my colleagues to help them succeed and make the Atlanta office the best it can be.  The State Bar of Georgia has also called, and I served on the Board of Governors from 2006-2008.  Additionally, I have been the Chair of the Boards of Directors for the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN).  As Chair of GCN, I oversaw a staff of over fifteen people including an executive director with an annual budget in excess of $3 million involving several revenue and non-revenue programs within its mission. I currently serve as the Vice-Chair on the Endowment Committee of my church, administering an endowment of over $3.5 million.


If you give me the privilege to serve you, I would take on the following activities to make NAPABA work for you.  This is consistent with NAPABA's core mission and strategic plan of fostering opportunity, professional development, legal scholarship, advocacy and community involvement for Asian Pacific Americans.  We should do more to support and promote our members and affiliates so that they can grow both professionally and personally.

There are many activities and goals that are within this mission, but I would concentrate on the following:

  1. establishing an accessible database of forms, newsletters and website materials for affiliates so that they do not re-invent the wheel but gain the knowledge and wisdom of prior and current best practices;
  2. recognizing our deserving members in all areas with something akin to "SuperLawyers" so that we see their accomplishments regionally and nationally whether in government, in-house, nonprofit or private practice;
  3. creating an online bank of programs year around produced by our members and affiliates showcasing their expertise but also providing free CLE's and substantive knowledge to our entire membership;
  4. focusing on regional conferences which includes potentially having conferences based on affinity groups or topics to create additional opportunities for participation and fundraising for our members and affiliates; and
  5. enhancing our relationship with the NAPABA Law Foundation so that we can continue to help APA law students and support internships and fellowships in the areas of public interest and community service for the APA community.


The methods to achieve these goals are (i) my commitment to engage each NAPABA region in person or via town hall conference calls to hear of specific concerns and issues by the NAPABA Board; (2) direct and indirect investment of our excess NAPABA funds to make these activities become a reality; (3) improved website capabilities to host a myriad of online functions for members whether online libraries or recognition of our deserving members and affiliates; and (4) have workshops at the national conference for creatively improving member and affiliate services.

Our NAPABA has reached new heights due to its wonderful leadership from the Board level to its member volunteers.  We have tackled big issues affecting the APA community, built alliances with sister bar organizations, increased our APA numbers in the judiciary, become a greater national voice and improved diversity.  We will continue these important activities and goals, and I commit to ensure that NAPABA moves forward on all of these fronts.  But, we should also focus on further supporting and promoting our members and affiliates directly. That is why I want to make NAPABA- Your NAPABA in a more meaningful way.  As President-Elect, I will seek to achieve these goals by being open-minded, collaborative, accessible, dedicated and transparent.

I would be honored to serve as NAPABA's President-Elect in 2013-2014, and thereafter as President in 2014-2015.  With a humble heart, I am asking you for your vote.  Let's make NAPABA work for you.


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