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I seek the honor of serving you as the next President-Elect of NAPABA. I have been a passionate supporter of NAPABA for over a decade, and I look forward to the prospect of helping to lead NAPABA through its next series of opportunities, including:

  1. A new national convention planning model so that we can bring the NAPABA convention to new cities in the United States and Canada; and
  2. Expanded opportunities for growth and influence in view of NAPABA's strong finances.

As explained below, I am the only candidate for President-Elect with experience on NAPABA’s Executive Committee, consisting of NAPABA’s officers, and the 2014 NAPABA convention will be held in my home state of Arizona where I would be installed as the President of NAPABA if elected this year as President-Elect.

I am particularly excited about the prospect of leading the creation and execution of the new national convention planning model because, as noted above, the 2014 NAPABA convention will occur in my home state of Arizona. I have a strong base of support in Arizona, both with our NAPABA affiliate and the Arizona State Bar, for which I have most recently chaired the Arizona State Bar's Mentor Committee. The new convention model will make it easier for large and small NAPABA affiliates to serve as the host committee, and it also will allow NAPABA to have a convention in a city without a local affiliate.

Additionally, I am energized by our 60 members who participated in the 2013 NAPABA Lobby Day at the US Senate and the US House of Representatives in May. We lobbied for new legislation that will improve the lives of our APA communities, and for increased diversity on the federal bench. As we all know, the Senate confirmed Sri Srinivasan with a vote of 97-0 to be the first South Asian American federal appellate court judge in the entire history of the United States, and I am inspired by the fact that the Senate confirmation vote occurred just two days after our Lobby Day. I look forward to the opportunity of leading NAPABA's efforts to enhance the participation and impact of our Lobby Day.

Since 2000, I also have supported NAPABA's mission in numerous ways:

  1. NAPABA Treasurer (2012-Present);
  2. NAPABA VP of Programs and Operations (2011-2012);
  3. NAPABA Southwest Regional Governor (2009-2011);
  4. NAPABA Alternate Southwest Regional Governor (2008-2009);
  5. Co-Founder and Chairperson of the NAPABA Investment Committee (2008-Present);
  6. A member of the NAPABA Finance Committee (2002-2009);
  7. AAABA (Arizona Asian American Bar Association) President (2005-2006);
  8. AAABA President-Elect (2004-2005);
  9. Arizona host committee for the 2001 NAPABA convention, including planning the inaugural NAPABA golf tournament and emceeing the Saturday night banquet; and
  10. Board member of AAABA (2000 - Present).

Last year, as the VP of Programs and Operations, I had the opportunity to chair the NAPABA board’s 450-hour effort to create our 3-year strategic plan, which is currently being implemented by the board. If elected, I would have the opportunity to lead the execution and culmination of the plan in its final year, including deepening relationships with key partners for the national APA community.

This year, as Treasurer, I reformed NAPABA's financial analysis and board reports, by creating a financial dashboard, analyzing convention finances and efficiencies, and beginning to assess how we can better leverage our strong financial situation. As President, I would use NAPABA’s strong finances to expand our opportunities for growth and influence.

Previously, as a Regional Governor, I gained hands-on experience working directly with several of our NAPABA affiliates, both large and small, and both statewide and local. I am eager to take my membership, operations, and finance experiences with NAPABA and apply them towards helping NAPABA transition to a new convention model and new growth opportunities.

I hope that you will join me in supporting NAPABA's continuing efforts to serve our APA legal and greater community. If you would like to discuss my candidacy, I look forward to speaking with you. My contact information is listed below, at www.GeorgeChenForNAPABA.com, and also at www.facebook.com/GeorgeChenForNAPABA.

Thank you for your vote, your support, and the opportunity and privilege to continue serving you as the next NAPABA President-Elect. I look forward to continuing our work together.

George C. Chen
Email: george.chen@bryancave.com
Telephone: 602.364.7367


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