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I am running for reelection to continue my work as NAPABA's Vice President for Membership. As is the expectation of all Board members, I am a "working" Board member who has spent many hours a week leading or participating on teams to complete activities to meet membership focused goals in NAPABA's 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.  With my experience and record of involvement, I am in the best position to complete the VP for Membership's Strategic Plan assignments and I am committed to doing so.

In my candidate statement last year, I referred to my 20+ years of bar association activities and achievements that prepared me for this office. If reelected, I will complete assigned tasks and continue to express my vision for what NAPABA can do for its members.

NAPABA continues to grow.  It now has over 65 Affiliates and over 4,500 members.  Recently added affiliates include APABA of Solano County and APA Lawyers of the Inland Empire, both in California.  Affiliates are developing in Indiana, Wisconsin, New Mexico and British Columbia. If you are, or know of attorneys in these locations and want to participate in forming a new affiliate, please contact me by phone at (415) 788-9000 or email at byamauchi@minamitamaki.com.

This year, the Thai Bar Association became NAPABA's first National Associate member under bylaws created in 2011. The National Asian Pacific Islander Prosecutor's Association and the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers are in the process of becoming National Associate members.  National Associate members may then create regional area organizations that will become NAPABA Affiliates.

With over 40,000 Asian, Pacific and East Asian American attorneys in the U.S., NAPABA has strong growth potential.  As VP for Membership I would like to lead the Board's efforts to increase Direct, Affiliate and National Associate memberships.  To do this, we must find ways to better serve members who have diverse practices, interests and reasons to be members of the NAPABA family.  For example, by the end of 2013, one strategic plan goal is to develop a "tool kit" of information and resources for Affiliates (and National Associates) to use for development and operations, so that they do not have to "reinvent the wheel."  Most significantly, before NAPABA's Convention in Kansas City November 7-10, 2013, NAPABA's new website platform will be operational.  It will have the capacity to maintain data and provide member access to data that can serve members and their firms in marketing, referrals and partnering or to create and maintain data bases and a centralized calendar for Affiliates and National Associates.  I am advocating for a member mobile app to simplify access to NAPABA's website and data.  To be successful, we must together develop a NAPABA culture or way of thinking that NAPABA is the "world's largest law firm" with common interests and the camaraderie to encourage internal referrals, partnering in business activities and collectively advocate for political, social and economic justice. 

By listening to you and evaluating/implementing new and innovative membership services we can bring added value to NAPABA and together move forward to create "MOMENTUM," the theme of this year's Kansas City Convention.  If you have ideas to enhance member services or to attract more members, or if you have concerns about NAPABA or how things are being done, please contact me.

Together, we will build on NAPABA's solid foundation to create a larger, more effective community to fulfill NAPABA's mission.

NAPABA's Mission Statement

  • We are the national voice for the Asian Pacific American legal profession.
  • We promote justice, equity and opportunity for Asian Pacific Americans.
  • We foster professional development, legal scholarship, advocacy and community involvement.

Thank you for your commitment and contributions to NAPABA and for voting in this election.

Brad Yamauchi


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