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NAPABA Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is just as it sounds! We are tasked with overseeing the membership newsletter, NAPABA Lawyer, which is printed and sent to all NAPABA members each quarter. The committee is chaired each year by the VP of Communications, an officer within the Executive Committee of the NAPABA Board. The Newsletter Committee assists the Chair in one or more of the following areas:

  • Assessment of Use. Committee members help assess, through formal or informal surveys of the membership, whether members are reading the newsletter, what they find useful, what can be omitted, and what they would recommend to make the newsletter a more valuable component of NAPABA membership. Also, we may survey the format that is appealing to members (electronic vs. print).
  • Think Tank. Although we already have a general idea of how many articles and types of articles each newsletter would contain, committee members assist with content ideas to make the substantive articles relevant and interesting to our members.
  • Authors. Committee members can author articles (perhaps a specific substantive article the idea of which you came up with), or take charge of the recurring articles (such as the NAPABA Leadership Corner where we interview and highlight a NAPABA or Foundation board member or committee chair).
  • Other. Any other ideas or issues that may arise with respect to the newsletter.


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