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Judiciary Committee Report
November 2009


Amicus Brief - Co-Chairs: Brian R. Matsui, Radha A. Pathak & Fred Rowley

Awards - Co-Chairs: Ankur Shah & Emily Kuo

Bankruptcy, Restructuring, and Creditors'/Debtors' Rights
Co-Chairs: Brian Byun & Bryce Suzuki

Civil Rights - Co-Chairs: Andy Liu & Meredith Higashi

Diversity & Inclusion - Co-Chairs: Peggy Nagae and Chester Te

Entertainment - Chair: Jason Leung

Gov't Enforcement & Compliance - Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Tao & Michael Li-Ming Wong

Immigration - Co-Chairs: Vishal Chander, Jared Leung &
Margaret Wong

In House Counsel - CoChairs: Alan K. Tse & Simone Wu

Intellectual Property - Co-Chairs: Joe Lee, Yuri Mikulka, & Phong Nguyen

International - Co-Chairs: Cedric Chao, Nicholas V. Chen,
Marvin Liang, Grace Parke Fremlin & Phillip F. Shinn

Investment - Chair: Pankit J. Doshi

Judiciary - Co-Chairs: Wendy Chang, James Ho & John Yang

Labor & Employment - Co-Chairs: Kevin F. Chung & John J. Park

Litigation - Co-Chairs: Samuel Park & Gary Zhao

Mass Tort Committee - Co-Chairs: Gloria Koo & Robert K. Woo

Military & Veterans Affairs - Co-Chairs: Benes Aldana,
Marty Lorenzo & Kay Wakatake

Partners - Chair: Michael P. Chu

Pro Bono and Community Service - Co-Chairs: Suzan Chau & Daniel Hu

Public Sector - Chair: Barnaby L. Min

Real Property - Co-Chairs: Paul Kawakami & Judy Man-Ling Lam

Regional Conference - Co-Chairs: Janet Shih Hajek, Tirzah Lowe & Sumbal Mahmud

Solo & Small Firm - Co-Chairs: Curtis Hom & Jay H. Kim

Sustainability & Climate Change - Co-Chairs: Charlotte Kim & Judy Kim

Women's Leadership - Co-Chairs: Margie Fujioka, Gina N. Shishima, & Caroline Tsai

Young Lawyers - Co-Chairs: TBA


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