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NAPABA Intellectual Property Committee
About the NAPABA Intellectual Property Committee

Organized in 2001, the IP Committee serves several goals of the Association and its membership.

First, the IP Committee seeks to advance the professional standing and interests of Asian and Pacific American (APA) IP attorneys within the IP legal community as well as the general legal community. Historically, APA IP lawyers have had to advance their careers either on their own or with the help of fragmented and insular pockets of fellow APA practitioners. It stands to reason that the efforts of APA IP lawyers to gain greater recognition among their peers would benefit greatly from support within this Association. In furtherance of this goal, the IP Committee provides a focused opportunity for APA IP lawyers to network with one another and to help each other reach their professional objectives.

Like some of the other NAPABA Committees, the IP Committee also connects less experienced APA IP lawyers in all sectors of practice (e.g., private practice, corporate practice and government practice) with potential mentors from among the more experienced lawyers. As the overall number of APA IP lawyers increases, there should be an opportunity for the junior lawyers in the ranks to forge relationships with APA trailblazers within the IP professional bar.

The IP Committee also contributes to the Associationís substantive programming by planning and presenting Continuing Legal Education seminars on various topics relating to IP. The IP Committee hopes to attract new members to the Association from the ranks of APA lawyers who are particularly interested in IP law. The IP Committee thus provides a forum for APA IP lawyers to share their knowledge, experience and ideas.

To find out more about the IP Committee and how you can get involved in its activities, contact Esther H. Lim at esther.lim@finnegan.com or (202) 408-4000, or Henry Su at suh@howrey.com or (650) 798-3528.


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