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ACTION ALERT: Support the Confirmation of Judge Edward Chen!


Support the Confirmation of Judge Edward Chen!

Call NOW to Urge the Senate to Vote!

Last week, Judge Edward M. Chen's nomination to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California was once again recommended for a federal judgeship by the Senate Judiciary Committee. You can support Judge Chen's nomination by calling the Senate Leadership and your home state Senators at 202-224-3121 and asking them to support an up-or-down vote for Judge Chen before the full Senate.

Judge Chen has waited longer than any other current judicial nominee for a confirmation vote. He was originally nominated to a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on Aug. 6, 2009. The seat that Judge Chen has been nominated to is classified as a "judicial emergency." He deserves a confirmation vote before the full Senate, and your voice is critical in making that vote a reality!

To call Senate Majority Leader Reid, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, and your home state Senators, follow these steps:

  • Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
  • When the operator at the switchboard picks up, let them know that you would like to be connected to the office of Senate Majority Leader Reid, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, or one of your home state Senators.
  • When the Senator's staffer picks up, politely introduce yourself and say that you would like the Senator to support Judge Chen's nomination and ensure that he has an up-or-down vote, and that his confirmation is important to the Asian Pacific American community. The staffer may ask you for your address or zip code to confirm the state in which you reside. The staffer will make a note of your call and your support of Judge Chen.
  • Repeat with the rest of the Senate leadership and your home state Senators!

You can find your home state Senator as well as their contact information here or simply call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 244-3121. Call your Senators NOW to urge them to hold a vote on the nomination of Judge Edward M. Chen.

Thank you for supporting Judge Chen!


Last week's Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Judge Chen's nomination came down on party lines, with all Democrats voting in support of Judge Chen's nomination and all Republicans opposing. Below is a list of all the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and how they voted on Judge Chen's nomination-if they are one of your Senators, please thank them or complain when you call to ask them to vote for Judge Chen's confirmation:

Patrick J. Leahy, Chairman, D-Vermont
Dianne Feinstein, D-California
Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut
Christopher A. Coons, D-Delaware
Dick Durbin, D-Illinois
Al Franken, D-Minnesota
Amy Klobuchar, D-Minnesota
Chuck Schumer, D-New York
Sheldon Whitehouse, D-Rhode Island
Herb Kohl, D-Wisconsin

Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member, R-Iowa
Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama
Jon Kyl, R-Arizona
Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma
Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina
John Cornyn, R-Texas
Orrin G. Hatch, R-Utah
Michael S. Lee, R-Utah


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